I've created a NuGet package that gives you(the developer) an easy way to change the background images and the logo(Digital Experience Cloud) on the login screen.

It's heavily inspired by this blog post by Jon D Jones but I've tweaked it a little and also created a package.

Currently Episerver has three different background images, so you can also have up to three custom background images. If you only add one, all of Episervers background images will be replaced with the same one.

The background images can be named anything, it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is the file format.
The following formats are supported for the background images:

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • gif
  • png

The logo needs to be in the svg format and have the following name: epi_login_logo.svg

Note: You can choose to only replace the background images or just the logo, you don't need to replace both.

How to easily change the Episerver login background

Episerver 10.0.1 and above is supported.

  1. Install-Package JOS.Epi.LoginScreen
  2. Either place your images in the Static/img/login folder OR specify your own location in appsettings using the key JOS.LoginScreen.ImageFolder. The value should be the relative folder path.
    Example: my\custom\path\here
  3. Profit.

Default login screen.

Custom background.
Here I've placed a png file in static\img\login

Custom background and logo.
Here I've also added a custom logo by placing a custom svg file named epi_login_logo.svg in static\img\login

Source code

Code available here